Our Acts

Alistair Greaves is a a slightly musical comedian from North Yorkshire whose debut Edinburgh Fringe show was described by The Skinny as containing 'fundamental moments of comic genius.
Innovative, creative and hilarious.
‘A truly unique performer…superb’- Reece Shearsmith (‘The League Of Gentlemen’)
5 GCSEs. Works well on his own and in a team
Experienced Comedian, Impressionist, Voice Over Artiste and Actor
Travels far and wide to tell audiences exactly what it's like to be a type 1 diabetic singleton all in a high energy package
Sharp, obtuse wit .... a dangerous comedian who keeps you on the edge of your seat
Leeds based Stand Up Comic. GSOH, enjoys long walks and ordering Pizza for one.
Witty, quick and natural
"Astonishingly fresh, inventive and totally hilarious"
Hates queues and pineapple on any food.
Funny Women semi-finalist and recent ‘Beat the frog’ winner at the Frog and Bucket comedy clubs in Manchester and Preston.
Refreshingly original and more colourful than a delux colour chart.
hilarious and insightful takes on the tribulations of life as a would-be modern man
"The audience, eyebrows raised and mouths hanging open, waited on his every word." Leeds Student
Compere Extraordinaire & After Dinner Speaker to the Stars.
"Endearingly bonkers, naturally exuberant personality"
Musical comedy duo attempting to make sense of the world through the medium of the highly-emotive '90s pop ballad.
Road hardened rock musician and post graduate mathematician who’s artistic and scientific sides are in permenant conflict
In a world where every comedy testimonial says how great the comedian is, one man knows the truth …
Weird comedy man
Jack Shanik arranges carefully phrased one-liners into playfully loose tales delivered with prowling northern rhythms
Silly songs, sketch and stand-up
Her well-crafted comedic persona is a mix of clueless buffoon and delusional ego-maniac
Cheeky, likeable and above all funny, Jim has engaging stories and sharp well crafted lines
Radio presenter, writer and stand up comedian.
Park Raconteur, Semi-Amatuer Demotivational Speaker and Wheelie Bin Enthusiast.
Strong stage presence, loveable persona and fantastic material.
Instantly likeable, Lee is quick thinking and witty with a well-written, beautifully crafted and, most importantly, hilarious set of jokes.
Northern Scallywag - Poet, Artist, Stand-up Comedian
"A surrealist slant on the art of stand-up that is refreshingly original and full of justified applause breaks."- BBC
"one of the most viscerally exciting poets to explode from the underground scene in the last few year"
A delightfully deadpan act whose beautifully misanthropic lines surround an immeasurably charming persona
"Adept and Funny" (The Guardian).
Comedian, cartoonist, and all round menace to society.
Quick one liners and amusing musings ... a firm favourite in the Northern comedy scene
Sending up the more conceited or hypocritical areas of modern life with wry wit and pedantry.
Razor sharp quirky one-liners and peerlessly original routines.
"Philip is like your mate in the pub, making you laugh whilst not ever going to the bar"
"Darkly hilarious Wunderkind." Manchester Wire
Topical humour with jovial anecdotes,
Musical, political, topical, comedical.
“The most energetic man in comedy (provided Lee Evans is now dead)” – Manchester Wire
Socially aware and utterly stupid. Clever and funny in equal measure.
Funny and forthright
"One of the funniest gag writers around"
A natural and charismatic storyteller.
With a happy outlook, positive attitude and cock-eye, Sammy encourages you to laugh at her life.
Don't let the tattoos fool you, Scott is a big softy, very likeable and very funny.
Bizarre parallels of surrealism and sharp wit create a unique brand of comedy
"Absolutely brilliant. Great improviser, wonderful stand-up, beautiful singer" - Fred MacAulay.
Anarchic, strange and surreal
A writer/performer who combines a mastery of the one-liner form with a keen eye for observation and undeniable charm
‘Wonderfully realised character, Sir Dickie Benson is a heady cocktail: half Oliver Reed, half Richard Burton, finished with a dash of petrol.’ - Silky, Kill for a Seat
“Stan Skinny is not like most poets - more fun, more heart, more crazy, more tall, he's forging his own unique more-brand of stand-up-and-lie-down poetry cabaret, absurd, honest, vulnerable, joyous. go and see him if you can…” Matt Black, Signposts
Staple/face are a popular sketch comedy combo with loads of friends. Winners of 'So You Think That's Funny?' Best New Sketch Act 2013. They mean well.
Finely crafted one-liners
A trolley of magic that once seen is hard to forget.
“wordplay more elaborate and inventive than a simple pun” (Chortle.co.uk)
Man, mid to late 30's, says things at you from within a beard. Has more hair in most of the requisite places.
Comic, Hair Enthusiast, Attention Seeker, Only Child.